With his great sense of humour, in plain language and with supporting scientific data, Dr. Boukaram explains the close link between emotional and physical health.

Based on scientific research and clinical observations, Healer of Cancer: The Power of the Mind conveys a new outlook on cancer, shaking along some popular dogma. The influence of our self-awareness on our body is at the core of this approach and is elaborated and explained in plain terms.

Dr. Boukaram also suggests tips and counseling to maintain physical, social emotional and spiritual balance. Quite simply, he provides tools within our fingertips to activate our natural defense mechanisms, to promote healing and modify our lifestyles.

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A new factor in the equation of cancer

We have been engaged in a war against cancer since 1971. With the help of precise medical tools, we have increased cancer survivorship but have not influenced the incidence of cancer. A science called Epigenetics has changed the equation of cancer to a multifactorial disease, which also includes our lifestyle, as well as our social environment. Healer of Cancer: The Power of the Mind provides a scientific explanation of the correlation between mental and physical health using a multifactorial and biopsychosocial cancer paradigm. This book also describes “mind-body” complimentary tools that can promote healing and be safely used in conjunction with conventional therapy.